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Pergola with adjustable slats

This aluminum construction creates a very pleasant outdoor space. From the first days of spring until the end of the late season, you can stay there with great pleasure.

This aluminum construction creates a very pleasant outside area. From the first days of spring until the end of the off-season, you can stay there with much pleasure through the roof provided with slats that fit the need of heat, ventilation and perfect protection for all conditions atmospheric.

When closed, the roof offers waterproof protection to rain. The masts equipped with embedded and invisible aligners allow flow parfait.Quand the sun shines, one press of the remote control is sufficient to switch the blades in order to obtain clarity and optimal ventilation.

As additional protection, the pergola can be embellished with "screen" blinds on the sides of the shelter. Windows "crystal" clear increase visual comfort.

The extra wide blades (21 cm) allow a wider angle of illumination and provide an optically calmer ceiling. With automated adjustable aluminum slats, you measure out the sunshine perfectly. Four coupled gutters evacuate rainwater discreetly along the side posts. recessed screens of possibly equipped with transparent windows, give the pleasant feeling of being on the terrace, while the optional heating diffuses a pleasant radiant heat. The LED lighting option in blades or structures, makes the whole very warm.The pergola B-200 XL is available as a wall mounted, freestanding or coupled in length. It is available in white or gray granite or in one of 200 RAL colors.

  • - LED lighting integrated in the blades possibility
  • - Sunshine mastered with adjustable motorized blades 160 °
  • - Aluminum construction with waterproof roof with water
  • - Profiles with integrated drainage of water
  • - The modules can be coupled in width or length
  • - Possibility of 2.000 Watt patio heater
  • - Blinds discreetly recessed screen, between two poles

The B300 is a pergola outside area solid aluminum with a PVC roof, waterproof and foldable. This roof can be opened partially or fully for optimum brightness. Completely open, it provides perfect protection against the sun. The 4 integrated and invisible aligners ensure a perfect flow of water. Optional ZIP screens discreetly embedded in the roof structure, windproof and offer protection against sun, wind and rain.