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PVC and mixed carpentry

Our PVC windows and doors are stable values that meet your personal requirements in terms of operation, equipment and design. Their very good thermal insulation offers you a lasting comfort of life.

You will be completely convinced as much by the value for money of our wide PVC range as by its ease of use and the low maintenance it requires. Our windows are not only beautiful but also pleasant to the touch with their unique satin and structured surfaces.

an exclusive choice of colors and surfaces to personalize your window.

The profiles of our windows are mass tinted. The carefully matched shade is particularly resistant. In addition, we have developed a unique process which gives a special structure to the surface of the profiles of our windows. We have voluntarily chosen not to use structured films to glue. Satin, veined or smooth finish: the wide palette of shades that we offer you allows you to design the window that exactly matches your tastes.

The satin and veined surfaces are not only more attractive but also more resistant to scratches and require very little maintenance.

Top price and performance!

Economic and of recognized quality, our easy-maintenance and weather-resistant aluminum casing system gives you more design freedom.

The aluminum cover clipped onto the PVC profile ensures extreme stability and reliability of the window's operation, even in extreme temperatures. KAB stands for constant stability, even more with dark colors.

Top 72 KAB is also excellent thermal insulation for a stylish window.

The comfort of solid wood on the inside

Wood is the material traditionally used by carpenters for the manufacture of windows.

The combination with PVC enhances the wood and its qualities.

On the interior side, wood brings warmth and authenticity to your living room.

Quality materials, reliability, varied design.

Our front doors, in addition to guaranteeing security and good insulation, adapt to the style and architecture of your house to form a harmonious whole with the facade.

With our wide range of Finstral doors, we have designed solutions that are as attractive as they are functional, allowing you to personalize your entry.

Your entry is the business card of your home.