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Aluminum joinery

The SOLEAL windows and casement patio doors combine robustness, comfort of use and elegance. Made to measure in standard form, arched or trapezoidal.

The windows and swing doors of the range SOLEAL combine robustness, ease of use and élégance.Réalisées on standard form of measurement, arched or trapezoidal.

Sliding SOLEAL

Sliding SOLEAL has a straight, modern and very neat. Its fine and discreet lines contribute to the overall performance of the bay and favor natural light. The addition of a section round or flat decor (patented TECHNAL) brings a touch of extra refinement and can be used to handle the exclusive design. The concealed drainage in all the applications helps improve the aesthetics of SOLEAL Sliding.

SOLEAL opening windows hidden: thin and minimalist shapes reminiscent rendition type steel joinery.

In full compliance with the 2012 Thermal Regulations and criteria Low Consumption Building (BBC), sliding SOLEAL has thermal performance that makes a shield. With aluminum profiles thermal break of 20 mm inside your comfort is ensured and optimized in summer and winter. Likewise, the air permeability has been great care to enhance the insulation inside your home. Finally, its size can release a clear extra day, maximizing solar gain for more light into your home.

Fully thermally broken, the door Soleal offers a level of comfort, whatever the option of finish you have chosen. Gone are the input always cold, open air currents. The Soleal door ALU-GRANON is perfectly insulating cold, air and water. You will be able to win your entry! Beautiful, inside and outside, customizable with ease thanks to the many accessories available and the wide range of possible fillings, Soleal lets you compose your frontage in harmony, keeping the same variation of style and color between all the openings in the home. Soleal is also the door to new challenges, particularly in terms of prospects out standards for large openings, the different versions, single leaf, double leaf or compound sets, supplemented by side thirds or fixed transoms.

The design proposed by LUMEAL is totally exclusive: indeed, thanks to the concept of opening hidden developed by Technal, LUMEAL offer straight lines to the exceptional purity (exclusive patents Technal). Thus, the aluminum masses are reduced by almost 35% compared to a traditional frame. This fineness contributes to the optimization of natural light (almost 14% more), which translates into better solar gain. The large achievable by LUMEAL participate in aesthetics. LUMEAL offers outstanding thermal insulation. In addition, the special treatment given to the tightness of this bay gives it a very low air permeability. Thus, the level of performance achieved easily meets the thermal regulations 2012 and the criteria for low energy buildings (BBC).

The sliding LUMEAL is the only sliding door opening to hidden market to have a delay classification to burglary RC3 (European Standard EN 1627-1630).

The offer SOLEAL comes in multiple applications: from 2 to 4 rails, the galandagemonorail to 3 rails, rentrantou outgoing angle frame, composed together. All are available with cesapplications drainagecaché and with or without PMR threshold (Personnesà Disabled).

French doors to large thermal break Galena is a collection of sliding doors characterized by its lifting maneuver system. Through this process, Galene sliding the guide wheels are retracted when closing the leaf, which ensures the sustainability of ride comfort. This also enables the design of sliding the technical performance, thermal and dimensional unusual.Class 3: 20,000 cycles (open and close) according to standard EN1191.2001Dimension max per leaf: L = 2500 mm H = 2500 mm