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Roller shutters

Made to measure, very simple to use and completely comfortable, the electric shutter can be integrated into all types of construction.

Custom-made, of great simplicity of use and total comfort, the electric shutter integrates with all types of construction.

Apron double wall aluminum slats with foam; radio control (wireless) and grouped or centralized control.

Bubendorff warranty 7 years !!

For all shutters range Bubendorff guarantee assures you a home intervention by Bubendorff Service.

Shutter SELF
100% autonomous!

Powered by a solar collector, Autonomous ID2 is completely independent of the grid. The power of the solar collector Autonomous ID2 and the capacity of its battery secure the highest operating for at least 15 years, whatever the sunshine levels. Tested on 21000 cycles (equivalent to 60 years of use), Autonomous ID2 was developed in partnership with the National Institute of Solar Energy (INES) and the Commissariat for Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies (CEA ).


The sun and the light finally tamed.

Activ'Home® the blades are oriented in three positions (one activatable by the user) and allow to differently regulate the flow of air and the intake of lumièreen function of the time of day

There are different solutions to save energy. One of them is called Grinotex®. With sealing lips, venetian blinds can be closed and opened fully. This system stores an excellent life is extremely weather resistant.Recognized properties Grinotex® have been incorporated by adding the curved shape of the blades.

The unique shape of the blades used to set new standards in design. The Sinus blade allows for energy savings by up to 50% more daylight.