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Veranda source of light Traditional or contemporary, the Alu-Granon veranda is an authentic living room. True heat shield, connecting piece par excellence, the veranda makes you save energy, and perfectly preserves the interior comfort of your home.

Porch light source Traditional or contemporary the Alu-Granon veranda is an authentic living room. Real heat shield excellence by linking part, the veranda makes you realize energy savings, and perfectly preserves the interior comfort of your home.

Presented with integrated sun and breeze shutter roof.

Designed like real living rooms, contemporary conservatories meet current optimization of thermal and acoustic performance optimized light of balanced inputs and minimalist ecstatic.

The inclination of the low slope roofs (up to 5) is concealed by right headband flat design statement or a cornice according to the desired style. Retrieves a hidden drainage of rainwater. Result: the veranda has the contemporary look of a rooftop extension.

Marriage with all styles and configurations maisons.La customizing the project is based on the different skins gutters, colors, including Exclusive Technal, ornament (rosettes, foundations, small-wood ...).

Inertia of rafters accepting steel reinforcements allow dimensional large litters.

ABSOLUTE COMFORT: Roller shutter roof ROLAX of Bubendorff

The veranda makes you realize energy savings and provides a buffer space that preserves the interior of the house temperature differences.

Your new veranda brings light, warmth and well-being. Now breakfast is savored the sweetness of the first rays of dawn. During the day, your interior exudes freshness and the temperature is pleasant as the hours. Finally, share your evenings at the cozy setting sun. Summer and winter, life takes on new meaning.

Freestanding veranda roof in sandwich panels.

HIGH ISOLATION 98mm aluminum panels with thermal separator. performance insulation removing the greenhouse effect in the conservatory

Optimize lifestyle and aesthetics.

The aesthetics of your porch can be emphasized by signs, decorations, rosettes, small wood, curved arches ... The style of your conservatory is fully available to the card.Alu-Granon verandas are designed to maximize solar gain.

You realize and energy savings that translate concretely on your heating bills! And a more efficient house is a house tour to the future and sustainable development.

It is not necessary to have a large area to develop a veranda: you are feeling especially change that the inner surface is reduced. On a terrace or on a roof, it allows you to push the walls by protecting you from any inconveniences such as noise or temperature differences.Color schemes for integration parfaite.Le design of the profiles is pushed to the extreme. It finds its highest expression through the use of pit caches pointed, faceted or polished.