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Our partners

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    Founded in 1960 in Toulouse, Technal is a French company offering aluminum joinery systems: doors, windows, verandas, railings, pergolas, gates ..

    Technal solutions adapt to all your desires, whether new or renovating, from the smallest openings to the largest, up to the most unusual glass surfaces. With a renewed aesthetic, fully customizable and exceptional technical performance, the joinery in the Technal range has significantly enhanced your property. For more than 30 years, Technal has had its own network of approved installer-builders, guaranteeing the quality of execution of your works. Technal is also the insurance of a manufacturing and a pose in the rules of the art.



    Founded in 1977, Cuisines Fabre has cultivated exceptional craftsmanship for 40 years, respecting the purest family tradition.
    Over the years and generations, of which the 4th is today at its head, the company has never stopped developing this sense of excellence: finishes pushed to perfection, a rigorous requirement in the choice of materials, correct proportions, an aesthetic spirit, characterize the brand's DNA.



    Air conditioning and heat pump.

    Froid Palombi is an independent family business, which is based on the founding values of three generations of enthusiasts of a profession, that of refrigeration specialist: mastering technical innovation at the service of your projects.

  • ESCOFFIER Cuisine et Bains

    ESCOFFIER Cuisine et Bains

    Since 1968, the ESCOFFIER company has been located in the heart of the Luberon. It perpetuates from generation to generation, woodworking in the rules of the art.



    For your projects, consider using CG Design to guide you towards the right choices, in terms of renovation, layout, colors, furnishings, etc.

  • CZIMER Electricité

    CZIMER Electricité

    We carry out all types of electrical work - installation, renovation and refurbishment - for individuals (individual houses / rental housing) or for professionals (commercial premises or tertiary activities).

  • TheCreaBox


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  • IMBERT électricité

    IMBERT électricité

    The company Imbert Electricité is committed to meeting all your needs with exceptional know-how and 38 years of experience. Our team will provide you with support from the study period to the reception of the work.

    The Imbert electricity company is capable of implementing:
    electrical installation: new or renovation, residential, tertiary, collective, historical heritage
    Heating: electric
    Lighting: Interior, exterior Garden, historic monuments, architectural
    automations: gates, doors, retractable bollards, chain barrier, garage doors
    home automation: knx, lutron
    air conditioning: in reversible residential air / air type
    repairs: interviews, sav
    low voltage: sound system, television, telephony, wifi communication bay, video surveillance, ventilation access control: single and double photovoltaic flow: study and installation

  • brustor